Q. What does Exclusive Rights mean?

A. Exclusive Rights means the beat is yours and yours only, and will not be used by anyone
else. All beats are taken down upon purchase.

Q. What can I use the beats I have purchased for?

A. There are no restrictions. You may use the beats you've purchased for anything you want
(releases, shows, radio, internet, etc). They are yours.

Q. How long does it take to receive the beats I have purchased?

A. A link to your beat(s) will be sent to your email the same day, usually within a few
hours of purchase.

Q. Will you make beats from my ideas?

A. Yes, I do custom beats for the same price as the beats on the site.

Q. How do I purchase custom beats?

A. Custom beats are the same price as beats on the site. You can pay for custom beats by
sending payment through Paypal.com to PortervilleBeats@hotmail.com. I will contact you by email,
phone, AIM or Yahoo (usually the same day) to discuss the beats with you. Email
me at PortervilleBeats@hotmail.com with any questions about custom beats.

Q. Will you hold a beat for me until I can pay for it?

A. Not for first time customers. If you're someone I've worked with in the past, I will
usually hold/reserve beats for a short amount of time.

Q. Will I get a contract stating these beats are mine?

A. Yes, you will receive a digital contract in the folder with your purchased beats.

Q. What format will I receive the beat in?

A. You will recieve a link to the beat in both MP3 format and WAV format. If you need it in any different format, just specify in the Paypal notes or email me after you order. 

Q. Can I get the beat tracked out/in separated files?

A. Yes, I can send you the beat tracked out free of charge. Just specify in the Paypal notes or email me after you order.

Q. What are my payment options?

You have 4 payment options -

1. You can pay directly through Paypal by sending payment to PortervilleBeats@hotmail.com (please
include beat choices in the notes).

2. By Credit Card or Paypal by using the "add to cart" buttons.

3. Western Union/Moneygram, contact me for the info needed to send payment.

4. Money Orders by mail (email me for address). Please be sure to include your contact info
along with your choice of beats. Keep in mind, all beats are on a first come, first
serve basis.

Feel free to email me with any questions at PortervilleBeats@hotmail.com.